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Orbiting Astrology: The study of the Star signs present at the time of birth and how those affect your life.
Parapsychology, the study of the unseen powers of the mind, and the sometimes-seen power of the undying human spirit.


sweetypiebug Aqrn

It's a Calling!

Cryptozoology: The Study of Hidden Animals, living creatures of this earth rarely seen, but known to exist, or waiting for their existence to be proven.
He who has walked the midnight woods, has seen the mystery within, and become one with it, as he's seemed destined to do, and researches his fellow natural elements because of it.


teritales Mulsknr

Rogue Autobot/Decepticon Rebel, call him what you will. He'll take it all in stride as he steps on or over all this in his path.
Extraterrestrials, Aliens and their unknown flying vehicles, studied by He who Came from Outer Space.

Transformers! From the 80s to now and then to the future! Fans and Enthusiasts alike Reveal your true Cybertronian Sparks! Til All Are One!

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Only One Rule, 1: No Harassment, Stalking, Drama and Otherwise Creating a Negative Chat/Board Experience. All cases will be considered. We're a Mature, Open-minded, Free-thinking Site and we Plan to Stay that way. Come On In! Welcome! Enjoy Your Stay! Feel Free to Keep on Coming Back for MORE!

The Meta-Universe Extends Into:

Feral Gates
The Shade Multiplayer Online Cellphone RPG Section, played by: CatDrgN and Co.
The VERIZON ONLY Multiplayer RPG online Cellphone Games based on LOTR/Middle-Earth Section, Played/Hosted by: ]Cobalt[ & his "Fellowship".
Cobalt Caverns
The Armoretum
MECH & BotsII: Rumble, online cellphone robotic combat games section, Played/Hosted by: Max^BAT^, Luna^C^ and supported in part by: Soultron and those they play with/against.
An online gaming folder by the players, for the players and in no way affiliated or official to Verizon, CosmicInfinity or anyone else who could sue us for Claiming to be, lol.
The Cellphorum

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